France: Damien’s letter from the prison of Fleury-Merogis


There are days in prison where the feelings of rage and hatred, mixed with the crushing sentiment of disempowerment, reach soaring heights.
The cops have arrested Comrade XXXX, right now he is being detained right here, in Fleury, but in another building which prevents us from having any form of contact.

He’s being held in preventive detention in building D2, under accusations concerning the “Barbecue sauce bluesaille” affaire.
I do not know the exact charges being held against him, but we know they are criminal charges.
There is then, high chances that he will also be accused of an attempted homicide on a representative of the law.
These accusations are a farce, because we know, and the Justice system also is conscious of this.
That the will present during this beautiful act of defiance was unfortunately not of roasting the pigs present in their blazing police vans, but to roast them slightly, in the proper sense of the word, just to tenderize their meat slightly.
Whatever happened, I don’t give a fuck if the comrade in question here is guilty or innocent of the facts that are being projected onto him. All I need to know is that he is an Anarchist to feel a sense of solidarity, all I need is to share the facts to feel complicit in the action.
We have all shared moments of complicit and joyful revolt with our comrade,
Moments of incredible friendship and solidarity with a comrade always at the front lines of the fight when it came time to act.
On the day of March 24th, 2016, the day our comrade was arrested, we ferociously fought the forces of the BAC (Riot Police) and the protest security forces of the CGT (General Confederation of Labour trade union) who could no longer contain the the masses feeling of anger and revolt, and joined in the repression of our anger with tear gas and nightstick in hand.
Today, after the echo of police boots on the march and the rape they have committed in the name of security, after the enraged and infuriated sporadically take control of the streets during the few riots, while the vice-grip of oppression begins to tighten on the revolted and the indignant on all sides, let us fan the flames of Violent Anarchy.

To the idiots useful to power, to the rapper Fianso and to the collectif of “vérité et justice” that are calling now for calm by begging their masters, Pigs and Judges, to do their dark work of oppression with more “clemency” and kindness, let us remember one simple thing

A good Cop, Is a Dead Cop

Solidarity and offensive, aggressive complicity with our comrade! A thought as well for Kara, proud, coherent, and incarcerated for the same accusations.

Because I have always envisioned anarchist intervention as an international one, I’ll use this opportunity to express my solidarity with the presumed Bank Robbers of the Aachen affaire in Germany, with the detainees of the Scripta Manent operation in Italy, as well as for the two comrades detained and accused for the attack on a Police Academy in Brescia

End of February 2017
Friend of Jules Bonnot
Prison of Fleury-Merogis, somewhere in the world.

To write to him:
Damien Camélio
n° d’écrou 432888
MAH de Fleury-Mérogis (Bâtiment D5)
7, avenue des Peupliers
91705 – Sainte-Génevieve-des-Bois


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