CCF-FAI/IRF, Greece: Responsibility claim for the attack to Adonis Georgiades ‘s bookstore.

Responsibility  claim for  the  attack  to  Adonis  Georgiades ‘s  bookstore.

On 3/15 we placed and detonated a clockwork explosive device at Adonis Georgiades’s bookstore at 263 Kifissias Av.

Adonis Georgiadis is a well known to all …picturesque, saturated and in the same time ridiculous political figure, who over the years moves within the (far)-right  milieu according to his interests. Now an MP of New Democracy (the main right wing party) he does not miss any opportunity to propagate the neoliberal ideas whether in the parliament  or in some television broadcast, being addicted to television as a tv persona. When not selling his nationalist noonsense (such as the books of Kostas Plevris – nationalsocialist figure) he makes “gifts” of 65 million euros to pharmaceutical companies who trade human life. Specifically, Georgiades as health minister in 2014, he changed the pricing of drugs in favor of the pharmaceutical industries particularly favoring the Novartis company. Combined with the fact that his wife’s name featured in the Lagarde list, it’s proven that the tv booksalesman  does not limit himself to book sales.

His rhetoric is always in convergence with the ideas of the party he belongs to each time, and often revolves around the issue of the repression of  anarchists. He encourages and opens the way for intensification of repressive measures in all fields, from the diffuse street combative insurrectionary riots until further militarization of treating our imprisoned comrades (bringing back the high security prison cells -c type, depriving prisoners of their permits etc.) This garbage knows -just like we do- that the anarchists of the deed are his enemies. He knows, as he said, that he fears thosewho are furiously fighting for freedom and dignity, those who destroy, with fire as an ally, all that he represents. He knows that the anarchists of the deed did not truce with their consciousness  concluding peace with the supposedly left government of SYRIZA as initially made a part of the antiauthoritarian milieu. Instead, we carried on on he path of continuous anarchist revolution demanding nothing less than everything. That’s why he’s afraid.
Such a populist could not be absent from the political agenda of New Democracy. His national-patriotic narrative finds its ground in a part of society offering him social acceptance, while maintaining the social consensus needed for him to continue  advertising his nonsense. This specific tv booksalesman has chosen a clear position in the social war and makes his presence visible, since… being a cork helps him floating on the surface. N.D “invests” on its anti-anarchist campaign using A.Georgiades, M.Vorides, N.Dendias and the hidden reserve Ch.Athanasiou, as a vanguard. The names of these “crusaders” of anti-revolution are in the list of the new urban guerrilla.

To paraphrase the anti-anarchistic hysteria of ND, we agree that the distance between a sledgehammer and a Kalashnikov WHEN ACCOMPANIED BY REVOLUTIONARY CONSCIOUSNESS, is as long as the distance from  isurrection to continuous revolution. This is the bet for every anarchist guerrilla group: the passage from insurrectionary anarchist violence  to organized armed struggle against the tyrants of our life. A passage which sharpens the hazards of anarchist attacks, multiplying their aggressiveness and fierceness.

Recent anarchist attacks and acts of FAI and CCF are part of the underground prolonged battle against the world of power … And if the silence of the mass majority reminds of a  social cemetery, we know that the road to anarchy opens up by continuing and not by stopping the hostilities against power. Because when we say anarchy it is not just a word, it is a way of life. We organise, we plan and we attack, filling the hours of the day with a perpetual dangerous anarchist activity not ever calming down. Thus, dead time becomes an ally in our rebel conspiracies. Because we ‘re going to live life by daring and not by bowing to our oppressors.

Each attack is a promise to ourselves that “everything goes on” and a signal to all imprisoned comrades that “nothing is over”. On March 24  three comrades in Chile are going on trial: Nataly Casanova, Juan Flores and Enrique Guzman, accused for the C.C.F. Chile and other groups’ attacks. Our thought and our heart is close to them knowing that we belong to the same generation, away from borders, nations and religions, with the unfulfilled feeling of freedom and rebellion that never ends as our only homeland…

PS: We will come back soon … MPOUMPOUKO we ‘ll see you again …..

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire-FAI / IRF

In greek


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