Conspiracy of Cells of Fire/F.A.I.: PROJECT NEMESIS – PRAXIS 2


9 years after the first appearance of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in January 2008.

After more than 300 attacks against targets of the sovereignty, which resulted in tens of millions of euros in damage and the fear transferred to the side of Power.

After more than 60 arrests of comrades and others, over all these years, who have been accused as our members and thousands of years of prison imposed on them.

After so many times that ministers and police chiefs declared in the media that they have managed to “dismantle us” and that “the C.C.F. is over”.

After the inclusion of the C.C.F. in the lists of “terrorist” organisations of the  State Department in the Unitated States and of  Europol in the EU.

… we carry on even stronger.

With the creation of an international network of conspirative F.A.I. and C.C.F. cells in dozens of countries that have carried out and continue to carry out guerilla attacks.

With an even greater passion and tenacity to beat structures but also those who impersonate the system of Power.

Always against social apathy.

Always against the oppressors of our lives.

They still can’t understand that C.C.F. is an Idea and that Idea can’t be imprisoned because it is like the Hydra.

For each comrade in prison, young comrades are ready to replace him and carry on the path of attack.

We still have the rage …

We claim responsibility for sending the parcel bomb to the Minister of finance of Germany, in the frame of the campaign for the Praxis 2 of  the Project Nemesis.

In the next days the responsibility claim text will be published.

Comradely greetings to the direct action groups of the F.A.I. in Chile and in Greece for their contribution in the project “Nemesis”.

Insurrectionary greetings to the comrades of F.A.I. in Italy and to the imprisoned C.C.F. members in Greece that continue unabashed …

Ahead for the Black International of the anarchists of the Deed.

Nothing is over Everything goes on


Conspiracy of Cells of Fire/F.A.I.


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