Russia: Antifa punk killed by neonazis at The Exploited gig

A 27 years old anti-nazi punk was just killed in Russia after a gig with The Exploited. He was killed by neo-nazis after asking them to stop the sieg heils during Exploited show.


The Exploited deleted the post and released a statement pretending once again that they are against racism so it’s not their fault, but why does this band keeps attracting neo-nazis, racists and other similar assholes ? Maybe they should ask themselves why it keeps happenning to them instead of blaming it again on an extremist-leftish-antifa conspiration.

We’ve been saying for years that this band is shit and is very popular among neo-nazis (search the forum it’s been over talked with multiple facts brought up). It’s not the first The Exploited play in front of a crowd full of neo-nazis, a few years ago a couple of antifascists punks got stabbed by boneheads at an Exploited gig (in czech republic i think? can’t find back the press article but there’s was lot of pictures online)


But hey, the crowd was good.


Source: … ierburghie

Here’s a (bad) translation from Russian to English in Google Translate:

In St. Petersburg, after Saturday’s concert of the punk band The Exploited, which took place at the club “Cosmonaut”, killed one of the visitors of the event.
As it became known to Life, the house 15 Bronnitskaya street fight ensued, which ended in a stabbing, leaving 27-year-old Igor I. wounded.
Arriving emergency workers diagnosed the victim’s stab wound of the abdomen. However, despite the assistance provided, the young man died in a car during the medical resuscitation.
In the words of Catherine, the deceased friend, Igor together with a friend after a concert was near the club, when there appeared a group of young people, supposedly right-wing views.
– Igor asked them not to “zigovat”, after which the scuffle ensued, and he’s got a knife in the gut – told Life girl.
Eyewitnesses claim that the offender then fled the scene. Now law enforcement officers looking for him.
the young man’s body transported to his homeland, in Mogilev, where the funeral will take place.

btw, does anyone know if Wattie still has his swastika nazi tattoo or if he covered it up ?

RIP Igor I – killed for standing up to his beliefs


Later the band post this:



2 thoughts on “Russia: Antifa punk killed by neonazis at The Exploited gig

  1. Funny they say they would kick out anyone for sieg heiling yet when they came to Norway and hung out with the dodgy band Haggis years ago which was known to be sexist racist and homophobic they got on so well there are even pictures of Twatty hanging out with these idiots while they are sieg heiling and he is having a great time and not giving a shit.

    RIP Igor

  2. by the way, wattie had his svastika tat covered.. anyway, some years ago i couldn’t believe that the exploited were nazi but now i’m always more sure about this. nazi”punks” fuck off!

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