mpalothia: Announcement for (temporary) non function of the site

Mpalothia is under full reconstruction, and that is because we have to deal with situations that are beyond our control; attacks, rats, and efforts to harm the infrastructure.

However, we believe in the value and importance of anti-reporting, so we’re uploading a provisional alternative page, despite Kinimatologio being online as usual.

Thus, let’s spare ourselves the ridiculous rumors. We’re here and we’re here to stay.

Mpalothia is going to spring back full sail, no matter how long it’ll take.

To us, information is not just a mass of intangible data; it’s part of our existence, as we, ourselves, are part of it. It flows through our brains, just like blood and oxygen. Keeping information to ourselves is like using it against us, because the overload will squash us.

For Anarchy

mpalothia- technical support group.


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