Spain: Update on Operation ‘Buyo’ and the detention of anarchist comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva

Note from Instinto Salvaje: An update has been circulating relating to the arrest and subsequent release of the comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva. We believe that it is important to mention that it is not clear whether there are any links between the other detained person and the anti-authoritarian struggle so until this information is clarified we feel it is important not to make any claims about them.

On Thursday, January 26, 2017, the Civil Guard detained two persons, the anarchist Gabriel Pombo da Silva and another person, during Operation ‘Buyo’ directed by the Court of Instruction n ° 4 of Vigo. The comrade was accused in a first instance of illegal weapons possession: 8 firearms, 6 of them starter pistols allegedly converted to fire real ammunition and 200 metal cartridges of different calibres. The Civil Guard also seized around 3000€.

According to the statement from the prosecution Gabriel and the other arrested person are accused of attempting to form an anarchist cell based on materials allegedly found in the house where they were arrested. This investigation was initiated due to information from a previous operation targeting the illegal weapons and ammunitions trade.

Finally the anarchist Gabriel Pombo da Silva has been released for the moment without precautionary measures, while the other person has been refused bail and placed in interim imprisonment.


(via Instinto Salvaje, translated by Insurrection News)



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