Denver, USA: Starbucks attacked for J20


On the night of January 20th we took action, like so many others did that day, both in DC and around the world, to show our discontent with Trump and the world he represents!

We smashed out almost every window and all the glass doors of a Starbucks on East Colfax before disappearing back into the warm winter night.

We did this also as a show of solidarity and love with all the brave people who took to the streets against Trump and his world earlier in the day and all those who took their own autonomous actions of resistance as well as all those who were arrested and are now facing charges and incarceration on J20 for stand up and fighting against oppression and exploitation.

In solidarity and in struggle!

– some anarchist in Denver

“There are no “Local Struggles,” but a War of Worlds.” – The Invisible Committee, To Our Friends



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