Philadelphia, USA: Attack on gentrification

We want to honor and carry on the struggle of the friends and comrades we’ve lost. Feral and Denalda lost their lives in the Ghostship fire. Both of them were involved in the struggle against power, and specifically gentrification. With them in our thoughts we decided to attack a force of gentrification in West Philly.

University City District is an organization that collaborates with UPenn, the cops, local businesses, and community groups to “beautify” and literally police neighborhoods in West Philly. They are the frontiersmen of university backed gentrification and are quickly expanding their territory further and further.

We decided to give them an ol’ ULock through their window.

Through our endeavor we realized that winter shitty nights are prime time for clandestine missions 😉

Love & solidarity to everyone in mourning

East coast to west coast fuck gentrification

Go hard for your friends

Go hard with your friends

s/o to TWAT

We out here in the night

-some kids in philly


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